Determining the overall budget for building a home or renovation project involves several factors, with square footage being a primary consideration. Typically, costs range from $150 to $350 per square foot depending on factors like materials, location, and complexity of the project. Accurately calculating the square footage of your project and allocating funds accordingly is essential to establishing a realistic budget.

To ensure that your home renovation project stays within budget, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive proposal that includes all necessary expenses upfront, leaving no room for unexpected costs later on.

Excellence Home Builders will detail every aspect of your project in the proposal and commit to no surprise expenses in the end. Excellence will ensure you maintain financial control and avoid overspending.

New construction projects encounter few challenges. However, renovations and additions can sometimes uncover structural issues, plumbing and electrical difficulties, and accessibility issues at the job site. To mitigate these challenges, the seasoned professionals at Excellence Home Builders will conduct thorough home investigation before starting any proposal process. Identifying potential problems early allows for better planning and budgeting and minimizes surprises or delays during construction.

  • Meet with our Excellence experts for an initial meeting at the job site to discuss goals and scope. 
  •  From there, we work together to develop the timeline and budget. 
  • We will send over a proposal for your approval. Once approved, we will begin obtaining necessary permits. 
  • Once all of the necessary permits are issued we will begin scheduling the project and preparing your team of professionals.
  • Once scheduled, we maintain daily communication with the client during construction. You can expect clear and consistent communication with the Excellence Home Builders team. 
  •  At the end of the project, we complete the project clean-up making sure to leave your home pristine and ready to be enjoyed. We will also address any remaining tasks on a punch list to ensure project completion. Lastly, we conclude with a final review to ensure satisfaction.

Before starting a home building or renovation project, it’s crucial to be aware of and comply with relevant permits and regulations. Depending on the project and location, you may need a building permit, as well as permits for electrical and plumbing work. Ensuring that the lot meets all requirements for construction is also important. By understanding and adhering to these regulations from the outset, you can avoid costly delays and potential legal issues down the line.

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